C'mon, what is "C-mod"? "C" is the initial letter of the word "car", also it is the symbol of the chemical element "carbon" as in the material "carbon fiber", and "mod" is the abbreviation of the word "modification", together they become our name "C-mod"!

C-mod has been specialized in selling auto parts on the internet since we have started our business in 2003. We carefully research and develop our own products in our main office located in Canada, and we only use high quality materials ordered from our international supplies for manufacturing in our production, then the items are shipped worldwide directly from our warehouses in Asia to our markets in North America, Europe, Australia, and other continents.

C-mod sells sport style mesh grilles for the domestic and imported vehicles. We carry a large selection of them in stock at good prices and many of them fit for some of the most popular and hottest models for the coupes, hatchbacks, sedans, wagons, and SUVs manufactured by the major brands in the auto industry.

Our aftermarket auto parts are custom designed and made of high quality fiberglass and carbon fiber. They are strong and lightweight. The fiberglass grilles are finished in black ready to be painted and the carbon fiber grilles are finished in clear coat with no painting required. Our grille makes your car look nice and sporty. Furthermore, our grille provides better airflow to the engine bay and protects the radiator of your car. Easy installation with simple tools in your garage is optional, otherwise professional installation with experts in the auto body shop is recommended. C-mod grille improves the look and upgrades the performance of your car!

Please check out our website, as we are regularly adding new items and expanding the inventory in our online store. Whether you are a daily driver who wants to modify your car to be unique, a JDM fan who customizes your ride to show off in the import scene, a forum member who looks for a group buy deal, an auto mechanic who needs to replace damaged OEM parts, or a company salesman who is interested in a wholesale discount, you may find something you like on C-mod.

C-mod offers you great customer service and our goal is to make our customers happy and satisfied with us. If you have any questions about us, our products, your purchase, an order, or even a new item which is not available yet, you are welcome to contact us. Our reply is always fast and friendly!

Thank you!